Your Mandolin Deserves the Best of Care

Thirty years of lutherie building Flatiron, Gibson, Weber and repairing all brands of acoustic instruments:  mandolins, mandolas, octaves and mandocellos.  Serving players from the back porch picker to the revered Bill Monroe. Entrust Bruce, and Montana Lutherie, with your mandolin family instrument for customization, add-ons, inspection and repair.

Paint Your Face Blue and Adjust the Truss Rod

Preventable Repair #2   The neck on your instrument is bowed because the truss rod has been neglected. There is a lot of fear involved in adjusting...
Gibson A-5L Mandolin peghead

SpeedNecking- a Story

By Brian Beker One score and seven years ago, I sold a Lloyd Loar F-5. Included in the deal was a brand-new Gibson A-5L. The A-5 was okay, but that...

Your instrument has been a big investment monetarily, but also in time and music, creating an intimate relationship which should be guarded.

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