A new instrument isn’t always in the budget so here are a few ideas to give your existing instrument a face lift.  The possibilities are endless with things as simple as an inlaid truss rod cover to a full refinish.


A pickguard is a great combo of form and function.  Protects your top from pick wear and gives all you pinky resters a safe place to anchor.  A pickguard is the perfect place to add a little inlay to personalize. Our pickguards are custom fit to each instrument and attach at the fingerboard extension block so there is no contact with the soundboard and no hardware that can buzz connecting the guard to the rim.  Check out the pics to get your juices flowing.  Price starts at $300 installed.  (Check out the last one made from a chunk of burnt fence post off the historical family farm.)

Trussrod Covers:

The cool thing about trussrod covers is they’re small and understated, but still puts a personal touch on your instrument.   Inlay your name, initials, statement of faith, or meaningful phrase or symbol.  Here are a just few examples of what’s been done. $100 for inlay and $100 for engraving.

Peghead inlay:  

Most instruments have some sort of peghead inlay, but there are those with little to none and it is possible to replace the whole veneer if you’d like.  Contact us to talk about your ideas and pricing.

OK, we’re hitting a theme here.  Inlay is the easiest way to spruce up your instrument.  A few more pictures.

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