I Had a Dream One Night About This Mandolin…

“While I tremendously enjoyed the Weber Mandolin years with all the great instruments, innovations, and customizations, I never seemed to have enough time at the bench or time to talk to players individually. There was always too much administration, leaving less time for building and working directly with the instruments.”

Pictured: Bruce on Weber Mandolin’s 10th Anniversary, 1997

Let’s Get Together and Plan Your Custom Instrument

The Future is Here!

March 1, 2018
The countdown is over and the Mandolin Man is back.

Bruce is ready to take your order for a beautiful B2 model, or customized “The Bruce”, mandolin family instrument or arch top guitar.

He’s been busy updating the shop, acquiring the best materials and, most importantly, perfecting design. Contact him soon with your dreams and desires as there will be only a limited number of instruments built this year.

Watch this website for ongoing updates: price list, design and spec lists, new instruments for sale, and questions answered.

(You know he loves doing repair and will still be taking a limited number, as time allows.)

The future includes a small shop with family and a few old friends working on instruments whether building or repairing.  Bruce affirms, “We were together for a long time and look forward to the day we are sitting at our old benches together again”.

Pictured: Ryan “the finish guy” on left, Bruce on right