MAC Inspection Terms and Conditions


1.  This program has two levels of participation:
a.  Sending in your mandolin family instrument to be checked out, tuned up, and evaluated enhancing the playability of your instrument for your own enjoyment and peace of mind.
b.  Or, in addition to 1a., giving Montana Lutherie LLC, as a reputable third party, permission to evaluate and certify playability and overall condition of the instrument for purposes of resale by the customer or Montana Lutherie LLC.

The $250 fee is for the work rendered to the instrument (MAC Inspection), not for the Certification.

2.  In no event shall Montana Lutherie LLC be liable for any indirect incidental or consequential damages to this instrument.

3. By sending the instrument in for the MAC Inspection, and receipt of this certificate, the sender agrees that Montana Lutherie LLC was asked to render their opinion and is not liable for any indirect incidental or consequential repercussions or ramifications that may result.

4.  Montana Lutherie LLC reserves the right to refuse Certification and/or ReSale Service to anyone.
a.  If Montana Lutherie LLC cannot in good conscience approve an instrument as playable a certificate will not be given to the participant unless this is stated.

5.  Montana Lutherie LLC will perform MAC Inspection with certification and send your instrument back to you with no further input from Montana Lutherie if desired by the participant.

6. Montana Lutherie LLC offers the additional service of marketing the MAC Inspected instrument for sale on our website, social sites, phone call/emails, and other platforms for a period no longer than one year.
a. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time previous to one year.
b. Return shipping is the Seller’s responsibility.
c. Any instrument sent to us for MAC Inspection with permission to market and sell is assumed to be legally owned by or have permission to sell by the MAC participant. The Seller referenced in all documentation is the MAC participant and not Montana Lutherie.
d. The Selling Price will be set by you, the Seller. Montana Lutherie will offer advice but the final selling price is your responsibility.  .

7. When the instrument is purchased by a Buyer:
a. Montana Lutherie will send the full Selling Price, less fees, to the Seller by Montana Lutherie check.
b.  In addition to the $250.00 for work rendered by Montana Lutherie, if the instrument is bought by credit card or PayPal there will be the corresponding credit fee of selling price billed to the Seller.  Montana Lutherie will subtract the credit fee from the selling price.  There may be further charges if the seller agrees to Montana Lutherie advertising their instrument on sites that assess their own fees (example: 3.5%).
Sellers can request only cash sales of their instrument.  If a buyer would like to buy an instrument and pay by cash or check please contact us.

c. Montana Lutherie will ship the instrument to the Buyer billing them the shipping charges by adding it to the advertised selling price. Montana Lutherie will retain the shipping charges. Seller only receives the Selling Price, less fees.
d.  The Buyer has the opportunity to return the instrument within 48 hours of receipt for refund, by Montana Lutherie check, of the instrument charge, not including shipping and credit fee (if purchased by Credit Card or PayPal the credit fee will also be deducted on successful return of the instrument), and upon the receipt of the instrument by Montana Lutherie, in the same condition it was sent. The Buyer is expected to pay the return shipping charges.
e. If there are any changes made to the instrument (addition of pick up, etc.) at the request of the Buyer the sale will be final- no 48 hour approval period.

f. The Buyer is responsible for any damage incurred to the instrument while in their possession or during return shipping.  It is recommended that they insure the instrument for the purchase price for return shipping as the Buyer is responsible for filing any damage claims with the shipping agent.

8.  It is understood that the MAC Inspection participants (Seller and Buyer) have read the Terms and Conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here at Montana Lutherie with any questions you may have.

Montana Lutherie LLC
5400 Frontage Rd.
Manhattan, MT.  59741