Great Deal on Weber Big Sky Mandolin!

Great Deal on Weber Big Sky Mandolin!

2007 pre Yellowstone model Big Sky mandolin.  Has all of the appointments of the Montana Yellowstone mandos from 2007 on.

I just did a re-fret, speed neck, and all the setup tweaks, so it’s good to go.
This mando has been well used with lots of finish distressing on the top. The build is solid and after the recent work, plays great.
Can’t beat the price at $2800.

Check out more pictures and specs at this LINK and don’t hesitate to contact Bruce to discuss!

From Sold Out to Six Interesting Instruments In Stock!

From Sold Out to Six Interesting Instruments In Stock!

And, boy, they are diverse collection: mandolins, mandolas, an octave- and even a Gibson Guitar.

Below is a quick run down on each one, but follow the links for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact Bruce to chat about them.

~We sell these instruments for players under our MAC used instrument program. People can feel more comfortable buying, or selling, a high end instrument from a trusted source. Check it out!

Flatiron F5 Artist Mandolin

Flatiron F5-Artist

Time Tested, still beautiful, and with a great sound.

Crooks A Mandolin

Crooks A Style

Easy player, nice voice and has a slightly larger neck for you players with big hands.

Weber Alder Mandola

Weber Alder #2 Mandola

Beautiful voice and low action.  No buzzing on this baby!

Gibson H1 Mandola

Gibson H1 Mandola

Just had all the setup tweaks, .080 EVO re-fret, and new bone nut.
She’s an easy player with a growly voice.  Comes with the original hard shell case.

Flatiron 3K Bouzouki

Flatiron 3K Octave Mandolin

Nice and very easy player with a pleasant voice.

Gibson Reissue Banner Southern Jumbo Guitar J

Gibson Reissue Banner Southern Jumbo Guitar

We don’t usually do guitars, but what the heck, and we’re selling it for a great customer.
See the description at the link! 

NEW PRICE! The Mustang

NEW PRICE! The Mustang

A little walk on the wild side- the first ever Weber Mustang mandolin in like new condition!
Not many of these were built so she’s a rare one and perfect to round out a collection.
Fingerboard is true and plays easy at a low action with no buzzing.
A bonus: Comes in a Hoffee, thinsulate lined, case which is about the best you can get!

$4700.00 Or Best Offer

If you’re thinking about selling a mandolin family instrument check out our MAC program. For some it’s easier to have a trusted third party handle it. Email, or give Bruce a call, to discuss!

Amazing Collection of Instruments

Amazing Collection of Instruments

First, this Weber Yellowstone Custom F mandolin left our Montana shop in February of 2005.
It is in great condition, has a fantastic voice, and with the recent setup I did, plays like butter.

Gibson A4 Mandolin

Next, how about this drop dead gorgeous Loar era Gibson A4?  Excellent condition with a few recent upgrades.
EVO frets, James tailpiece, and Relic tuners.  Beautiful voice and a very smooth player.  Original case.

Two surprise Arch Top Guitars!

A nice 1935 Gibson Archtop in great shape!
Neck is straight, frets are good, and it plays smoothly with no buzz at a low action.
New Waverly tuners, TKL hard shell case, and has had a recent setup.

Gibson Archtop Guitar

And Weber Big Sky Arch Top Guitar: An original guitar in excellent condition.

Weber Big Sky Arch Top Guitar

And to round out the selection, here’s a beauty!  A Flyde Octave from England.

Flyde Octave Mandolin

Buying a high-end instrument on the internet is often a big decision and you can make it easier by having a reputable third party certify that is it in good playable condition and verifying the general condition.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Bruce to discuss!

Have You Always Wanted an Octave or Mandocello?

Have You Always Wanted an Octave or Mandocello?

**8/25 OUR CREDIT CARD PROCESSOR IS DOWN. If you can’t order, please Contact Us. PayPal is still available.
We have both in stock right now!

First, an 2018 Oregon built Bitterroot A style octave mandolin #1847808
Plays easy with the shorter scale and has a very nice relaxed voice. 

Next, if you’ve ever wanted a Mandocello, this would be a great one to consider.
A 2008 Weber A style Hyalite.  Montana built and a great reconditioned instrument.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Bruce to chat about them!

Very Interesting Selection of MAC Instruments

Very Interesting Selection of MAC Instruments

Just in, a very nice 1990 RL Givens A Style Mandolin #525  with only a few small finish dings.
Recent work included a plane and re-fret with EVO wire, new nut, and James tailpiece.

Givens A Style Mandolin
Givens A Style Mandolin

Also, there’s the Montana built Weber 2005 Yellowstone F Mando.
Finish is in super condition with only a few dings and checks.  I just did a setup on it and it plays great at a low action with a nice voice.

Weber Yellowstone F Mandolin

Something a little different: Take a look at this 2011  Holst.
Just had a setup and is a smooth player.  Like new condition.

Holst F Mandolin

Now with a new price a 2018 Oregon built Bitterroot A Style Octave Mandolin. Plays easy with shorter scale and a very nice relaxed voice.

Weber Bitterroot A Octave Mandolin

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Bruce about any one of them- he loves to talk about mandolins!