It’s almost time to get outfitted for spring hiking or fishing, which includes your knock around mando.

This player sent in her peghead inlay design, and chose a Cherry Body with Ebony Fingerboard and Peghead.  Nice!
Ranger Travel Mandolin

We’ve done a few of these Herringbone Rosettes- elegant.

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Ranger Travel Mandolin

Gig Bag with Custom Ranger

Very nice letter from a happy Ranger owner!

Hi Mary!

Thanks so much for the Ranger, it arrived a few days ago but as I’ve been working in France I didn’t get much chance to play it until yesterday evening. I’m really so impressed with the build and the mahogany is more beautiful than I expected (I’ve never been wowed by mahogany on instruments before). But most of all, I find that this one projects sound really well for a smaller body and it’s effortless to play. I love the fact you will do a radius board for the Rangers, it’s the only thing I miss with the Aspen (though I fell in love with it regardless when I found it in a music store). I’m now somewhat pleased I missed out on the Sweet Pea because the customisation options you provide on the Ranger really sets it apart. The build is flawless, just as I was expecting. 

I’m taking this to Italy next month for an ocarina festival there. I make ocarinas but don’t play them much anymore so the Ranger is going to keep me entertained while I sell my own instruments! The soft bag is nicely padded too and I’m glad you provide them as it means I don’t have to shop for a ukulele case that won’t fit it exactly. 

This really is the perfect travel mandolin for me. The solid build, standard scale and the radiused fretboard trumps the pocket mandolin I already own (which is flat narrower board, shorter scale and ultra light strings). So looks like I’ll be selling the pocket on as I think the Ranger is all I’m going to need for my travel. 

One question I have is the string gauge. From the looks and feel I’m guessing they’re mediums? If they are then it’s perfect as it’s my preferred gauge on the Aspen.

I’ve attached a little happy family shot of the two mandolins together. I’m very pleased, huge thanks to you and Bruce for continuing to make such quality instruments.

Kind regards,