And, boy, they are diverse collection: mandolins, mandolas, an octave- and even a Gibson Guitar.

Below is a quick run down on each one, but follow the links for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact Bruce to chat about them.

~We sell these instruments for players under our MAC used instrument program. People can feel more comfortable buying, or selling, a high end instrument from a trusted source. Check it out!

Flatiron F5 Artist Mandolin

Flatiron F5-Artist

Time Tested, still beautiful, and with a great sound.

Crooks A Mandolin

Crooks A Style

Easy player, nice voice and has a slightly larger neck for you players with big hands.

Weber Alder Mandola

Weber Alder #2 Mandola

Beautiful voice and low action.  No buzzing on this baby!

Gibson H1 Mandola

Gibson H1 Mandola

Just had all the setup tweaks, .080 EVO re-fret, and new bone nut.
She’s an easy player with a growly voice.  Comes with the original hard shell case.

Flatiron 3K Bouzouki

Flatiron 3K Octave Mandolin

Nice and very easy player with a pleasant voice.

Gibson Reissue Banner Southern Jumbo Guitar J

Gibson Reissue Banner Southern Jumbo Guitar

We don’t usually do guitars, but what the heck, and we’re selling it for a great customer.
See the description at the link!