Image shows Bruce consulting with building helper who wants to know if the treats go in that room.
But no, it’s the spray booth area.

Things are moving along now that it’s not winter anymore -for the moment anyway. We should be partially in the new shop in a few weeks, and can begin making parts and Rangers once again- Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (a bluegrass title if there ever was one). We really appreciate the patience of those waiting for pickguards, Rangers, etc.
Of course Bruce is still doing repairs, tune ups and all sorts of things in the temporary shop.

These pics are a little old and things are a bit farther along, but this will be Bruce’s bench area:
Montana Lutherie Shop

Here’s the view from his window:
Montana Lutherie Shop

The outside has a ways to go, but can be tackled later. After all it’s a 100 year old barn!
Montana Lutherie Shop

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