Buying a high-end instrument on the internet is often a big decision and you can make it easier by having a reputable third party certify that is it in good playable condition and verifying the general condition.

All of the instruments we list have been MAC Inspected and Certified.  What does this mean?

  • Send in your mandolin family instrument to be checked out, tuned up, and evaluated.
  • Simple to enhance the playability of your instrument for your own enjoyment and peace of mind, OR
  • Avoid problems and increase trust thereby increasing the resale value, and decreasing time on the market if you are planning to sell your mandolin.
  • Sell your instrument while keeping your identity private and allowing us to talk to buyers. For instance, in the past we have been contacted by people who inherited an instrument, are not knowledgeable, but desire to market it.

First is the well known and loved, workhorse mandolin the Weber Yellowstone F Style.
Played in, and ready to go.
Weber Yellowstone MandolinWeber Yellowstone Mandolin

Next is a 2005 Danny Roberts signed Gibson F5 Fern Mandolin, Serial number 50920010.
Plays great with a nice throaty voice!.
Gibson F5 MandolinGibson F5 MandolinGibson F5 Mandolin

Then there’s a, just about Brand New, Collings MT A Style Mandola, with some extras:  Abalone inlaid truss rod cover, Ivory top body binding, Ivory tuner buttons, and strap button in neck heel.
Very sweet sound and smooth playing!
Collings MandolaCollings Mandola

If you’re considering selling your instrument don’t hesitate to Contact Bruce to discuss!