Just a note to let you know the shop is now shutdown until September 2020, when we’ll be set up at our new place. (We do have the two MAC instruments left: the Gibson F5L and Weber Bitterroot F. So keep in mind for September!)
We’ll miss the old school, but it’s a bit big for us now, and we retain all of the memories of luthiers, players, vendors, dealers, and mandolins.

So schedule your Mando’s trip to ‘The Mando Spa’, as several of our players have taken to calling it, in the fall. Don’t hesitate to contact Bruce to talk about repairs or ordering a new mando, if you like. I’m sure he’d like to take a break from packing.

If you’re interested in ordering a Ranger, parts or accessories, please watch the website and our FaceBook page for reopening/ordering information, or don’t hesitate to Contact Us directly (we’ll still be online}.

Many Thanks, and we’ll be back in the fall!