It’s spring here on the Flathead Lake Mando Shop and Orchard and we’re pretty happy about that. The last blizzard of the season took down a GIANT pine tree. It luckily went right down the row between cherry trees, grazing only three, but was SO big it took a lot of work to get it out of the orchard. During this storm the water in our cherry barn froze, also, and thus water damage. Bruce is working hard in getting it ready again for Cherry Harvest- which is only a couple of months away.

All is set up for building Rangers, finally- we took a trip recently and bought wood. While Bruce is making Ranger parts as he goes, the extra cleanup chores plus regular orchard work and, of course, his regular work on mandos put Ranger deliveries a little farther out.
We will alert all who have emailed, and gotten on the waiting list, as we get ready to ‘build to order’ in a few months.

We really appreciate your interest and patience for the Ranger Travel Mandos!

If you’re interested in receiving fresh cherries visit our Sound To Earth Orchard website and subscribe to the little newsletter to get 10% off your cherry order, after harvest. Last season many of our mando friends ordered and that was fun, not to mention tasty!

Following is a picture gallery of the orchard. We hope your spring is beautiful, too, AND full of bluegrass festivals.

Just for comparison sake! Here’s a short video of the blizzard taken while walking to the mando shop. The 3rd tree behind the little red house went down that night.