It’s taken awhile but we are now taking orders on Parts: Traditional Bridges, Armrests, Truss Rod Covers, and Harmonic Suppressors. Thanks to all who have patiently waited!!

Go to the link above to check out the advantages of all Montana Lutherie Parts. In this post I want to highlight our Ebony Traditional Bridges.
This innovative bridge design aids the strings in driving the soundboard, enhancing tone and volume with no interference. They are ‘tried and true’ over the past 20 years for all mandolin family instruments with saddles guaranteed to remain unbowed by string pressure over time.
For: Mandolins, Mandolas, Octaves, Mandocellos, and Arch Top Guitars.

Improvements Over Classical Bridge Designs:

  • This bridge may be adjusted under full string tension
  • Because a brass bar embedded in the bottom of the saddle supports the entire string area of the saddle, the saddle can be made much smaller than the common old, historical-style saddle.
  • The brass bar also insures that the saddle will not bow, sag or break in the middle over time.
  • The design also eliminates the screw holes in each end of the saddle that were a part of the old-style.
  • When adjusting the thumbwheels all pressure is directed down against the bridge base instead of up against the saddle as in the older designs.  This increased surface contact from thumbwheel to base gives your instruments a truer tone and more volume.
  • We believe these features give the bridge a more elegant appearance and better mid-frequency functionality.
  • To make the bridge easier to use, the top half of each thumbwheel has been machined to accept a slim profile 5/16 wrench included with each bridge.