We have two great, gently used, mandolins back ‘on sale’ after the pause for our shop move!

If you are unfamiliar with our Mandolin Authority Certified instrument program, we began the program because buying a high-end instrument on the internet is often a big decision and you can make it easier by having a reputable third party certify that is it in good playable condition and verifying the general condition. Bruce Weber is a trusted name and welcomes any questions and inquiries.

First, we have a Weber Bitterroot F Mandolin. This one is hard to find these days!
The Bitterroot is in fantastic condition with only a couple of small dings on the edge of the peghead. Sounds great, and just had a setup, so plays like butter!
Weber Bitterroot F MandolinWeber Bitterroot F Mandolin

Next, may just be the one you’ve been waiting for…
Montana built Gibson F5L signed by Steve Carlson #7025108, one of the first Gibson mandolins built in the Flatiron shop after Gibson acquired the company in 1987.

It’s a real cannon!  Plays great and body shows very little wear, however peghead has significant string scratches.
Gibson F-5L MandolinGibson F-5L Mandolin

It’s great to be back, and while Bruce is accepting repairs and customizations, it will be awhile until other products
are available once again. We thank you for your patience and if you are waiting on an email reply he’ll be
getting back to you soon.